About Us

It was women who brought Jeep to life during WWII.

Hi there!

Miss-Chief here. I’m one of HerJeepLife.com’s administrators and I want to let you know: you’re not alone.

If you are a strong, independent woman tired of the constant “man-splaining” and bro culture that occurs in Jeep communities and off-road forums, you’ve come to the right place.

We created this site for women specifically. If you’ve ever Googled “women and Jeeps,” you probably found that the entire first page of Google’s search results was simply a list of sites featuring scantily clad women sprawled across Jeeps. I want to inform you, THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS SITE IS ABOUT.

Sure, there’s a “Jeep Porn” page on our website, but it will only ever feature pictures of tricked-out Jeeps and the badass women who drive them to serve as inspiration for your off-road endeavors and Jeep addiction.

In fact, our very first blog post should provide you with a good idea of what I’m trying to accomplish with this site. I intend to remain true to the legacy our foremothers created in the factories during World War II when they brought the Jeep to life.

All of the products my team and I discuss, review, and promote on this website are products we’ve had personal success with. We don’t mind being the test subjects because we know not everyone has the resources (financial or otherwise) to throw time and money into trying every product out there only to be disappointed.

We all have an ideal vision of how we want our Jeeps to look and perform. If you are looking for information, instructional videos, and products that will get your Jeep to that point, either cosmetically or mechanically, you’re sure to find some useful information here.

Make yourself comfortable and have a look around. Enjoy yourself, feel free to share content, contribute to the comments, and most importantly, don’t forget the Jeep Wave!

Email us at herjeeplife@gmail.com to say “Hi!” or recommend a subject for us to discuss. We love to receive feedback and suggestions.