Be Your Own Valentine and Treat Yourself to One (or all) of These Pieces of Jeep Jewelry

Valentine’s Day. Who needs it?

Well, we’d like to propose something a little different and say that you, dear Jeepette, need Valentine’s Day as an excuse to spoil yourself.

Whether you already have a sweetheart or you’ve already stocked up on Ben & Jerry’s, why not be your own Valentine this year? Because flowers die and chocolate melts, treat yourself to a little something special.

But who are we kidding? We already know you’re dating your Jeep.

Something that not-so-subtly lets others know you’re unabashedly proud to be a Jeep Girl.

Heading out for a night of karaoke at a local dive bar to drown your lonely sorrows? Why not accessorize with a handmade  Jeep Girl /Jeep grill genuine leather cuff bracelet?

Jeep Girl handmade leather cuff bracelet
Badass, yet feminine, and you know your money is going to support the artisan that created it.

Want to class it up a little? Here’s a lovely silver Jeep Wrangler bracelet that boldly announces your Jeep Girl status while being reserved enough to wear at the office or the best martini lounge in town.

silver jeep wrangler, jeep girl bracelet
Keep it classy with silver!

Remind yourself how beautiful you are (Jeep hair and all) and take yourself mudding with this silver Jeep necklace.

handmade silver Jeep wrangler necklace
Another lovely handmade Jeep accessory for a lovely JeepHer!

If charm bracelets are your thing why not add a silver Jeep charm to your Pandora bracelet. But you’ll have to get it from Amazon because Pandora doesn’t make Jeep charms – I checked.

silver jeep charm for pandora charm bracelets
Perfect for charm bracelets or to use as a necklace pendant!

Now, if you’re in the mood to be extra sweet to yourself, you can buy the white gold version of that same Jeep Wrangler charm.

Speaking of charm bracelets…

handmade silver Jeep wrangler charm bracelet
I’m fairly certain I need this in my life!

If you’re in the market for some playful, dangly earrings, here are some fun ones:

dangly jeep wrangler 4x4 earrings

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and let the world know you’re a strong, independent JeepHer that doesn’t need anybody to give you the gift of Jeep – although, it’s always nice to receive gifts, so feel free to drop a hint and share these Jeep gift ideas with your special someone.

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