Jeep Tops and Security: Hardtop or Soft Top?

When it comes to buying any vehicle, you are going to be presented with a lot of design choices, including safety features and luxury options. Despite the five-to-six hours of your life you’ll spend waiting around in the dealership to negotiate and close the deal, choosing between the features you want and what is being presented to you is going to be one of the toughest decisions you’ll make during the entire process of purchasing the vehicle.

This is no different with Jeeps.

Except you’ll also need to choose between what type of top to purchase: hard or soft. Both the Jeep’s hard and soft top options come with pros and cons, and in order to make an informed decision knowing the safety aspects of both is a must. In this post, we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of both hard and soft tops for Jeep Wranglers.

Advantages of the Soft Top: Allows You to Get Back to Nature and Save Money

  • If versatility is what you are looking for in your Jeep Wrangler, then the soft top is what you will want. These are easily removable due to their lightweight design, are foldable, so they can be stored right in your Jeep Wrangler.  Also, if you get hit with a sudden storm while out on the trails, just roll the soft top up and quickly enjoy the protection it provides. 
  • Beyond this, there are a ton of soft top styles to choose from including full tops, half tops, and flip top. Plus, you can combine these with mesh, twill, or black shades and remove the side and back windows. The combinations and customization options are nearly endless, which allow you to make your Jeep fit your life.
  • Soft tops come with a huge cost savings. You can buy several different styles for the price of a single hardtop, which means you can throw the extra money into new tires, new safety features, or new off-road mods.
  • If enjoying the great outdoors means not being confined in a box, then the soft top is perfect for getting in touch with nature. Just throw back the soft top and enjoy the smell of the woods, the crisp air of the mountains, or the ocean’s breeze.
  • Extra advantage: soft tops are iconic and make for the best Jeep Hair, Don’t Care selfies. You know it’s true!

The Negatives to the Soft-Top: Makes for a Loud Jeep and Less Protection

  • Soft tops do not come with the durability of hardtops and so will wear out more often and thus will need to be replaced more often.
  • Although soft tops are more flexible, they have less insulation as a result. This means that road noise is significantly louder.
  • They do not offer as much protection from the elements or thieves. There are several aftermarket products that can help you to address the lack of security. These include, but are not limited to:

**Some favorite soft tops are the Mopar Sunrider Design and the aftermarket Bestop Trektop NX Soft Top with Tinted Side and Rear Windows. The ‘Twill’ fabric is better quality and more durable than the ‘Black Diamond,’ and might be worth the extra dollars.

Advantages of Hardtops: You Are Protected, Secure, and Have a Quiet Space

  • You are going to get better protection, hands-down. Although the Freedom Panels are notorious for their mystery leaks, this means you’ll have better protection from the elements including wind, rain, and snow. It also means you’ll also have better protection from thieves as the hardtop better seals your Jeep than a soft top ever could.
  • A hardtop has an insane amount of durability compared to the soft top. If you treat it right, it can last the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.
  • You can increase how much storage space you have in and on your Jeep by anchoring half racks or full racks to the hard top. This will allow you to carry more of what’s important to you including bikes, kayaks, canoes, and even tents!
  • If you are traveling long distances, the hard top is going to offer you a much quieter ride even with those big knobby lugs on your tires.

The Negatives to Hard Tops: Expensive to Replace and Difficult to Remove

  • In the event that you have to replace your hard top, it will be expensive.
  • To remove the hard top, you will need at least two people (unless you have a ceiling mounted hoist system) and putting it back on is always more difficult than taking it off. This might deter you from taking it off on those sunny days.
  • If you do take the hard top off, you need a big enough storage space for it. These things are quite large and they don’t fold down.

**Some featured hard tops are the Smittybilt Hardtop Black Textured and the DV8 Off-Road Hard Top One Piece.

If you are truly having a hard time deciding on which type of top to go with, getting a soft top for the warmer seasonal months and a hard top for the cold, winter months, often works best (if your piggy bank allows). Jeep does provide the option to get the dual top, which includes both the hard and soft top. Just remember, you’ll need to have a good storage space for your hard top during the warmer months.