Bestop RoughRider Saddle Bags for Jeep Wranglers: HerJeepLife’s Review

For anyone who owns a Jeep Wrangler, you know space is a commodity inside a Jeep and storage is limited at best. I first came across the Bestop RoughRider Saddle Bags a couple years ago while searching for ways to maximize the limited space in my 2-door JK. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have found such a great product.

The RoughRider saddle bags capitalize upon the empty, never-used space above the wheel wells, while still allowing passengers to use the back seat. Serving dual purposes, the bags can also be used as duffle bags with their beefy shoulder straps. Each saddlebag has outside pockets for access to small, oft-used items.

I initially mounted the saddle bag with the side pockets facing outwards, as shown in the following video from the manufacturer. This mounting option is intended for owners to access contents in the pockets when the Jeep’s top is off, but since I rarely remove the hard top, my access to the pockets was severely restricted.

I opted to re-install the saddle bag by simply rotating it 180 degrees to positioning the pockets inward, which offered me unfettered access to the pockets and their contents from inside the Jeep.

Here’s what my setup looks like with a few large items stored inside, including a 12-volt* tire inflator, roadside emergency kit, and of course, a 12-volt* car vacuum – because I can’t be caught ridin’ dirty (at least, not on the inside):

I personally own a few different Bestop products (reviews to come!) and can vouch for how durable their products are. The quality is top-notch and attention has been given to even the smallest of details.

If the Bestop RoughRider Saddle Bag sounds like something you could use to solve your space and storage issues, you can find them on Amazon, along with just about every other Jeep thing you can imagine.

While you’re at it, why not get one for each side of your Jeep and really capitalize on all that seemingly wasted space?

* For those who don’t know, 12-volts means it plugs into a cigarette lighter outlet and is powered by your Jeep’s battery.
NOTE: I am not a Bestop affiliate. I have not been, nor will I be, compensated in any way for my review of this product by the manufacturer.