I’m often asked, “Where in your Jeep do you keep your phone?”

It’s a question I asked myself quite often when I first purchased my JK, but it was more along the lines of “Where can I put my phone that I can see it, hear it, and get to it quickly if I need someone to come pull me out of a mud pit?”

Today, there are so many options on the market for phone holders – ones that suction cup to the windshield, clip to an air vent, or sit in a beanbag contraption on the dashboard – one can easily become overwhelmed in trying to choose the best. I, myself, went through several different types and models before I found the perfect solution for my needs.

Because my phone is kept in a Lifeproof case (my life and butterfingers dictate a need for the very best protection and waterproofing), I was previously also using a Lifeproof windshield mount in the Jeep.

With a suction cup possessing the grip of a black hole, that mount was solid and sturdy to be sure. But the downsides were that where I had to place it to allow for unobstructed visibility through my windshield was just a bit too far out of reach. When “conveniently” placed, it obstructed too much of the windshield.

When locking the phone into the mount or trying to remove it, I often had to undo my seatbelt to be able to reach far enough forward to do so. The process was also complicated by the chunky magnet block affixed to the back of the phone case. Also, when the windshield got too hot, the mount would fall off.

Growing frustrated by my ongoing Jeep/phone Pilates routine, I began exploring adhesive backed mounting options. Unfortunately, most proved too large for the few small spaces available between the tight or curvy spots of my Wrangler’s dash.

Thankfully, at just 1.6” in diameter, the Nextstors Universal Mount is just small enough for the limited space on the dash, and it doesn’t obstruct any of my Jeep’s radio, climate controls, or the windshield or interfere with the operation of my CB radio.

My favorite features of this mount are that the circular metal disc adhered to the back of my phone case is very thin, unlike the bulky square block for the Lifeproof mount, and it immediately attaches to the mount – no fidgeting required.

The Nextstors Universal Mount swivels 360 degrees and comes in either black or five other vibrant colors which are perfect for color-matching any accents you already have in your Jeep!

Click the picture below to order yours!