Trail Rated®: What That Means for Your Jeep Wrangler

Jeep introduced its Trail Rated® badge back in 2004 as a way to let consumers know that the models they were buying were indeed trail worthy. Jeep has always fostered a reputation that holds their vehicles as an excellent off-roading option for individuals who want to have a little more fun with their Jeep.

Essentially, the Trail Rated® badge means that the model you are buying has surpassed Jeep’s strict and rigorous testing criteria and specifications. Currently, the only vehicles that hold the coveted Trail Rated® status are the Jeep Compass, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and the Jeep Renegade Trail Hawk.

Although many drivers may never take their vehicles off-roading, it is an experience that is easily doable by those who have a Jeep Wrangler in possession of the Trail Rated® badge. For those curious, here is what your Jeep Wrangler Trail Rated® status denotes. 

  1. Ground Clearance: Your Jeep Wrangler will have a large amount of ground clearance on its underside, giving you enough room to traverse across terrain like rocks, logs, and outcroppings without taking on damage to your undercarriage. This allows you to go over those obstacles you can’t get around.
  2. Maneuverability: Your Jeep Wrangler has precision steering and optimized wheelbases, ensuring that you can take on tight trail turns and quick direction changes. This is important if you are trying to avoid narrow gaps or navigate around a sudden accident.
  3. Water Fording: Your Jeep Wrangler will be able to traverse through bodies of water of up to thirty inches. Other vehicles would not be able to do this without taking on serious electrical damage, water damage to the interior, or stalling. This means that all electrical connections and body openings are sealed tight so that you can get through streams and creeks without fear.  An important note to make with this though is that bodies of water that are more than thirty inches deep should not be traversed through relying entirely on the stock Trail Rated® components, as damage is more likely to occur.
  4. Articulation: Your Jeep Wrangler will be able to maintain forward momentum for longer durations, even when one wheel is off the ground due to the high suspension flexibility that each model has. Your wheels will always remain stable and engaged even if one of them is in the air.
  5. Traction: Your Jeep Wrangler will fare better on roads that are both rocky and slippery. You will be able to take on unpredictable terrain and driving conditions with peace of mind.

In order for a Jeep Wrangler to receive the sought-after Trail Rated® status, it must surpass the testing phases in Northern Michigan. The terrain there is some of the most challenging, with unforgiving rock ranges, frigid cold temperatures, and treacherous trails. Essentially, owners of a Trail Rated® Jeep Wrangler can be confident in knowing that their vehicle is versatile and capable, even in the toughest of weather conditions and terrain.

Jeep Jamboree USA 2018

Jeep Jamboree Convoy

2018 is Well Under Way and the Latest Season of Off-Road Adventure is Upon Us!

JeepHERS are simply cut from a different cloth than other women.

Maybe it’s because the general female population has yearned to be free of their societal shackles for several millennia or maybe it’s because of our distinct history with our nation’s favorite off-road past-time. The reason doesn’t really matter, does it? Because whatever it is, we’re just different. But in a good way, mind you.

And that’s why, no matter what New Year’s resolutions we’ve already given up on, this year should be our year of adventure.

To quench our need for muddy, rocky, off-road fun, Jeep Jamboree USA has organized an even more robust calendar this year than those past. With a wide selection of events for all skill levels across the country to choose from, JeepHERS (and their Jeeper counterparts and offspring) can benefit from the best-organized off-roading experiences available today.

But before you get too deep in the mud of booking your Jeep adventures and beefing up your 4×4 steed, take a few moments to learn about the tradition and heritage of Jeep Jamboree USA.Jeep Jamboree USA 2018

The Legacy of Jeep Jamboree USA

Although Jeep Jamboree USA wasn’t officially founded until 1982, for almost three-quarters of a century, Jeep enthusiasts have been organizing and leading guided off-road trail rides for Jeep devotees from around the world.

Beginning in 1953, founder Mark A. Smith (click on his name to learn all about this legendary Jeep icon) put together the would-be organization’s first adventure which crossed the Sierra Nevada Mountain range via the aptly named Rubicon Trail.

Around the same time and after learning how successful the initial event had been, then manufacturer of Jeep vehicles, Willys Motors, decided to join in on the fun. Since the two entities joined forces, it’s been a beautiful partnership that has grown the Jeep tribe by bringing Jeep people together through the decades for good, clean dirty fun (yeah, that’s an oxymoron. I know).

What Are Jeep Jamboree USA Events All About?

Family and friends. That’s the simple answer. But really, Jeep Jamboree USA events go much deeper because they are all about building a vast network of like-minded people, from all walks of life, and coming together to support one another. That’s something seemingly rarely seen anymore in today’s society.

Whether you are a seasoned 4×4 veteran, or a noob with a stock Jeep Wrangler (although not limited to Wranglers), Jeep Jamboree USA introduces you to a tribe who will welcome you with open arms as long as you are willing to actively participate and contribute to the community.

Every Jeep-centric overland excursion is guided by experts who are just as enthusiastic about showing you what your Jeep can do as you are in learning about it.

Although there are no prerequisite skill levels required to attend a Jeep Jamboree USA event, there may be vehicle and minimum gear requirements as described on each event’s itinerary.

Because many of the overland treks are multiple days in length and consist of crossing remote areas and challenging terrain, mandatory equipment requirements must be adhered to in order to participate.

Items such CB radios are mandatory for all Jeeps participating so that warnings, emergency information, and terrain details can quickly be passed back through the convoy. Here’s the official Jeep Jamboree USA MANDATORY EQUIPMENT LIST for all vehicles:

  • CB radio is MANDATORY! There are many safety issues regarding upcoming obstacles transmitted over the CB radio by your trail guides. It is required that each vehicle have a CB radio. Learn interesting facts about the area – history, local plant, and wildlife, as well as exciting stories (and sometimes off-road scavenger hunts).
  • Jeep vehicles must have four-wheel drive with a low-range (4-LO) transfer case.
  • Front and rear tow points must be properly mounted to the frame with grade-eight bolts.
  • Drawbars, receiver hitches, or aftermarket bumpers with manufacturer-installed clevis or D-ring anchor points are acceptable alternates to tow points. If you don’t have tow points, you may be turned away without a refund.
  • All open-topped vehicles, including older models (CJs, Scramblers, and Willys), must have roll bars.
  • A full-size spare tire; a space-saver spare (donut) just won’t do.
  • Street legal vehicle with current license plate.

Although Jeep Dogs are often our favorite family members and trail companions, Jeep Jamboree USA strongly discourages participants from including their furry friends in Jeep Jamboree USA events due to pet exclusions in certain areas, allergies, and the often punishing conditions extended off-roading exposes them to. Here’s their official statement:

“Jeep Jamboree USA strongly suggests that pets are not appropriate on Jeep Jamboree USA events. Long hours in vehicles, association with people unfamiliar to the animal, access to inappropriate foods, restricted park areas, leash rules and laws, and many other drawbacks make including pets in the events punishing to the pet, the owner, and the other participants.”

If you’ve read to this point, you should be starting to feel that pleasant Jeep wanderlust tingle. Why not take a trip on over to the Jeep Jamboree USA website now to learn everything you need to know about choosing, registering, and preparing for a Jeep Jamboree USA adventure and make Jeep memories that will last a lifetime.

Click here to view 2018 Jeep Jamboree USA Jeep Trips that start in March and end in November around the country.

Jeep Wrangler JK at Jeep Jamboree USA event.
Miss-Chief sporting an ARB awning/room enclosure combo at the October 2017 Jeep Jamboree USA event at Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina.

Have you attended a Jeep Jamboree USA event? Tell us about your experience and share your photos on the Facebook page.

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Be Your Own Valentine and Treat Yourself to One (or all) of These Pieces of Jeep Jewelry

Valentine’s Day. Who needs it?

Well, we’d like to propose something a little different and say that you, dear Jeepette, need Valentine’s Day as an excuse to spoil yourself.

Whether you already have a sweetheart or you’ve already stocked up on Ben & Jerry’s, why not be your own Valentine this year? Because flowers die and chocolate melts, treat yourself to a little something special.

But who are we kidding? We already know you’re dating your Jeep.

Something that not-so-subtly lets others know you’re unabashedly proud to be a Jeep Girl.

Heading out for a night of karaoke at a local dive bar to drown your lonely sorrows? Why not accessorize with a handmade  Jeep Girl /Jeep grill genuine leather cuff bracelet?

Jeep Girl handmade leather cuff bracelet
Badass, yet feminine, and you know your money is going to support the artisan that created it.

Want to class it up a little? Here’s a lovely silver Jeep Wrangler bracelet that boldly announces your Jeep Girl status while being reserved enough to wear at the office or the best martini lounge in town.

silver jeep wrangler, jeep girl bracelet
Keep it classy with silver!

Remind yourself how beautiful you are (Jeep hair and all) and take yourself mudding with this silver Jeep necklace.

handmade silver Jeep wrangler necklace
Another lovely handmade Jeep accessory for a lovely JeepHer!

If charm bracelets are your thing why not add a silver Jeep charm to your Pandora bracelet. But you’ll have to get it from Amazon because Pandora doesn’t make Jeep charms – I checked.

silver jeep charm for pandora charm bracelets
Perfect for charm bracelets or to use as a necklace pendant!

Now, if you’re in the mood to be extra sweet to yourself, you can buy the white gold version of that same Jeep Wrangler charm.

Speaking of charm bracelets…

handmade silver Jeep wrangler charm bracelet
I’m fairly certain I need this in my life!

If you’re in the market for some playful, dangly earrings, here are some fun ones:

dangly jeep wrangler 4x4 earrings

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and let the world know you’re a strong, independent JeepHer that doesn’t need anybody to give you the gift of Jeep – although, it’s always nice to receive gifts, so feel free to drop a hint and share these Jeep gift ideas with your special someone.

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Got a Bad Case of Flare Fade? We’ve Got Your Solution!

Jeep fender flare fade restoration


Sound familiar? “Help, my fender flares are faded, and I can’t afford to buy new ones!”

Well, guess what? You don’t need to buy new ones. ‘Cause just like how Stella got her groove back, there are plenty of products on the market today to help remedy those faded flares and get your Jeep back into its pre-sun-bleached state of bliss.

The plastic Jeep fender flares typically found on Wranglers and older Patriots can be restored at a very low cost of between $6 and $15. The overall best way to prevent them from fading is by performing regular preventive maintenance in the application of a restoration product each time your Jeep gets washed or the oil gets changed – whichever occurs more often.

It’s natural for the Jeep fender flares to fade due to their constant exposure to everything mother nature has to throw at them. While the sun makes us mortals tan, it, unfortunately, causes our fender flares to fade – sometimes to an almost chalky white in the most extreme cases.

Have no fear, your fender restorer is here!

If your fender flares have already faded, or you want to prevent future fading, there are many products right on the shelves of your local department store (read: Walmart) or easily found on e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

As an added bonus, these restoration products can also be used on other parts of the Jeep made of plastic such as the door handles, mirrors, and those pesky stock bumpers.

At, we’ve heard and read about other methods of restoring faded fender flares that include the use of a heat gun or steel wool, but we feel there is too much room for error with those methods.

Obviously, an inexperienced person wielding a heat gun is a recipe for disaster, destined to result in melt marks in their flares. And steel wool? That just wreaks of scratched up frustration. We even found a video of someone using a blowtorch to restore their faded flares. Now, we’re no bonafide experts, but we can see a lot going wrong with that method.

Over the years we’ve tried several “foolproof” products which have all worked successfully and without complication. To take the guesswork out of restoring your flares, here’s a short list of those with which we achieved the best results:

Wipe New Trim Restorer

Wipe New Trim Restorer for faded Jeep Fenders and Flares

Armor All Outlast Trim & Plastic Restorer

Armor All Outlast Trim & Plastic Restorer for jeep fender fade

Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer for faded jeep flares and fenders

If you’ve used a different product or method in the past to restore your Jeep’s faded fender flares, let us know about it in the comments!

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What’s in a Jeep Name Anyway?

What is it that compels us to name our Jeeps? Is it because we perceive our Jeeps to be an extension of our personality? Or is it that maybe they are the embodiment of our alter egos – the person we dream of becoming?

People often seek help in choosing a name for their Jeeps and whenever I am asked, my advice is to be patient. A name will come to you when the time is right. There’s no rush.

If you’ve ever owned a pet (especially a Jeep Dog), you know it takes a few days of watching and interacting with them to learn their personality before you settle on a permanent moniker.

It’s kind of the same with your Jeep. You may have already picked a name during your days of Jeep daydreaming, or it may come to you within a few months of purchasing your Jeep. But at some point, a name will pop into your head that just feels right.

Typically, after driving your Jeep for a while, you’ll see that it will develop a “personality.” With each mod or upgrade you add, your Jeep’s personality will start to evolve and take shape.

Almost three years had passed after purchasing my Willys Wheeler edition JK before the perfect name came to me. During that time, I’d referred to my Jeep simply as “Willys” – a temporary placeholder until I could come up with something better, which ultimately turned out to be “Miss-Chief.”

You see, it’s a play on words: Mischief is purposefully misspelled as a reference to my former position and rank in the military. A Chief Warrant Officer in the Army can be addressed as any of the following, based on their gender: “Chief,” “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” “Miss,” or “Ms.”

Further, and in reference to the term mischief, I like to think my Jeep has a playful personality which sometimes finds her in trouble (in all honesty, it’s me seeking off-road playtime and finding myself in need of a tree to winch off to).

Some people choose names based on the color of their Jeep. Others choose a name that is related to the Jeep owner’s hometown, alma mater, profession, favorite hobby, or favorite sports team.

And you know what else? Unlike having a child, you also get to choose the gender of your Jeep: a boy or a girl. Which do you want? Depending on your preference, you have twice as many ideas for names to choose from!

As for my JK, Miss-Chief, well, I suppose it could be classified as a transgendered Jeep because it started out as a male (Willys) and has since transformed into the sexy off-road beast she is today.

If you’re feeling left out and judged because you haven’t named your Jeep yet, there’s no need to worry. There are loads of folks who go through their entire Jeep lives having never chosen a name for their Jeep. Even if you only ever call your Jeep a truck, rig, ride, or whip, you’re still a member of our Jeep family! (Unless you call your Jeep a car – in which case we’ll shun you like a Leper).

Does your Jeep have a name? If so, how did you choose it? Share in the comments!

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